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English Film of ISE | 国工英文片发布: 深耕 “一带一路” 书写中波教育合作新篇章

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深耕“一带一路” 书写中波教育合作新篇章

—— 天津城建大学40001百老汇官网电子游戏

deeply explore the “One Belt and One Road”

write a new chapter in China-Poland education cooperation

-- International School of Engineering@Tianjin Chengjian University




The world is shifting every day,


the era of globalization is changing rapidly,


When the young generation encounters the profound changes unseen in a century,


Are you pondering that


With what kind of view, to explore the world?


in What way,to measure your life?


where to start,to see the fascinating world?


Which is the best time, to open the footsteps?


International School of Engineering at Tianjin Chengjian University,


may give you a starting point to see the world, a pivot point for prying the future.


As a Chinese-foreign co-operative educational institution of the Ministry of Education of China


produced by Tianjin Chengjian University, in cooperation with Białystok University of Technology and Crakow University of Technology of Poland.


deeply explore the “One Belt and One Road”,


cooperate to cultivate international composite engineering talents.


strengthen language, professional, cultural competence training,


let more young people receive sufficient international education,


prepare for the development of global competitiveness.


To understand the world, you first need a language tool.


ISE creates an ‘immersive’ learning environment,


develops a special English learning program,


compiles specialized vocabulary books,


strengthen CET-4, B2, TOEFL, IELTS tutoring,


increase the number of full English courses gradually,


carry out rich English cultural activities,


comprehensively improve the ability to learn majors in English,


creates a key for students to open the door to the world.


To link the world, the most efficient way is to start withprofessional knowledge.


The ISE has set up four undergraduate majors and four postgraduate directions,


including Civil Engineering, Environmental, Architecture and Landscape Architecture.


Taking advantage of all the strengths of Chinese and Polish engineering education,


helps students perceive the world with professional eyes.


Majoring in Architecture, giving full play to the advantages of the twin cities of Tianjin and Krakow,


allows students to experience ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign architectures on site.


emphasizes the combination of theory and practice,


to enhance the aesthetic and practical value of the projects involved.


Landscape Architecture programme, more respect for students' individual ideas,


emphasizing local adaptation and realistic analysis of the history and geography of the site,


Allows for a closer integration of science and technology with the humanities.


Civil Engineering, which grasps the traditional strengths of engineering education in China,


is also adapted to the snowy climatic characteristics of the European plains, and is able to cope with various geological structures.


Environment Engineering programme,which encourages students to validate data in practice, and encourages more active teacher-student interaction.


Study at ISE,every day you will feel the wonders of knowledge,


appreciate the beauty of the differences,


it seems the world becomes more multidimensional.


To embrace the world,the most easiest way,is to really go out there,


To see different customs and people, touch different history and civilization.


For young people of ISE,traveling around Europe is a valuable life experience.


Studying abroad can develops the ability to live independently,


increases the experience of dealing with the world.


Travelling tour with teachers, making friends with students from different countries ,


you will feel the richness of the global village.


Always pay attention the outside, one’s mind will become more open.


With the world in mind, you will become more confident and calm.


In today's world, a truly internationalized communication


is a two-way run of educational models.


It is also the mutual learning and appreciation of two civilizations.


In ISE classrooms, teachers from three universities work together to impart knowledge.


In lectures, teachers and students exchange ideas with each other.


In daily life, we introduce each other’s history and culture,


enjoy different scenery and food together.


We have mutual trust, mutual visit,and mutual benefit.


Conveying the Chinese-Polish friendship,


we have realized cross-cultural communication,


truly moved toward internationalization.


Standing in TCU, seeing the world so vast.


The time in ISE is fresh and desirable.


The world is not in your maps and notes,


it should be in your eyes and ears.


From the ISE, spread the wings of youth to your heart’s content,


we believe the future will be more radiant and brilliant!

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